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A (?) denotes version's info here is guess-work, possibly incorrect.

The Infdev development phase started on February 27th, 2010 and ended on June 29th, 2010. It was preceded by Indev and followed by Alpha.

버전 이름/숫자 출시일 변경사항
Minecraft Infdev 2010/06/27
  • Mob spawners given a unique ID, reducing crashes
Minecraft Infdev
(Seecret Friday 2)

새로운 버그:

  • Map generation now creates "bad chunk" areas of the map in which the player and all npcs stutter and move very slowly through, making the first appearance of the Far Lands.
Minecraft Infdev 2010/06/25
  • 새로운 세이브파일 포맷을 원래대로 되돌림
Minecraft Infdev (Here’s a review of something I recently bought) 2010/06/24
  • 새로운 세이브파일 포맷
  • Tweaked rail laying code
  • Better FPS
  • Less crashes
  • New crash report screen
  • Rideable Minecarts that can't be opened

새로운 버그:

  • When turning on a minecart track while riding a minecart, cameras turn in the opposite direction of the minecart (e.g. minecart turns left, camera turns right)
Minecraft Infdev
(Seecret Friday 1)
  • Minecarts and Minecart Tracks added
  • Gravel and sand fall realistically
  • Falling off bottom of map kills player
  • Sky rendering tweaked
Minecraft Infdev (Tweak and bug fix update) 2010/06/17
  • Caves are much more interesting now, specifically:
    • Rooms now have 1-5 exits, instead of just 1, making natural hubs.
    • Caves are even more regional, with truly Swiss cheese areas being possible but rare
    • Springs, both water and lava, are more common
    • Increased variety in tunnel thickness, increasing the odds of branches
    • Added natural gravel and dirt under ground for more varied caves
  • Surface springs possible
  • Flowing water that touches flowing lava creates cobblestone
  • Flowing water that touches standing lava turns the lava into obsidian.
  • Lava springs don't spread
  • Getting stuck inside blocks causes suffocation
  • Water flows nicer
  • Fixed a few bugs in liquid spreading code
  • Fixed invisible waterfalls
  • Made massive tweaks to the pending tile tick logic (used for liquids and fire), quite possibly fixing a crash bug
Minecraft Infdev (Caves, prettier water.) 2010/06/16
  • Water now has more triangular prism shape rather than layers of flat blocks
  • Regional caves
  • Naturally occurring lava
  • 꽃과 버섯
  • Fluid block springs can generate underground to make rivers
Minecraft Infdev (Dynamic water and Buckets) 2010/06/15
  • Leaves not near blocks will vanish again
  • 빠른 또는 화려한 옵션 전환
  • 양동이 추가
  • 화려한
  • Days are now slightly longer than nights
Minecraft Infdev 2010/06/11
  • 3D 구름 레이어
Minecraft Infdev 2010/06/08
  • Smarter door rotation logic
  • 표지판을 쉽게 부술 수 있음
  • 그림자가 돌아옴
Minecraft Infdev 2010/06/07
Minecraft Infdev 2010/04/20
  • Faster and tweaked level generator
  • 몹은 스폰 가능
  • 묘목은 화려한 나무로 자랄 수 있음
  • Pathfinder no longer mobs over cliffs in areas of map
Minecraft Infdev 2010/04/13
  • New trees implemented using parts of Paul Spooner's Forestry mod script[1][2]
  • 모래와 자갈 재-추가
  • Lighting code fixed
Minecraft Infdev 2010/03/30
  • Implemented Paul Spooner's Forestry mod script that featured larger, fancier trees.[1][2]
Minecraft Infdev 2010/03/27
  • 새 지형 생성기
    • 동굴 제거
  • Game automatically saves while playing
  • Player death causes all items to drop and respawns in starting location
Minecraft Infdev 2010/03/25
  • 동굴, 불, 잔디의 흐트러짐, 그리고 농사의 재-추가
  • Ore is now generated properly
Minecraft Infdev 2010/03/20
  • 화로와 상자 작동
  • 나무와 숲
  • Fewer crash bug
  • 무작위로 배치되는 원석
Minecraft Infdev 2010/03/16
  • Entities work- can mine and drop resources
  • 보관함 안의 조합
  • 화살 쏘기
  • Arrows spawn monsters
Minecraft Infdev 2010/03/13
  • Faster lighting sky brightness recalculation
  • 움직이는 빛
Minecraft Infdev 2010/02/27
  • 무한맵 테스트
    • Used same method of generation as /indev/'s
    • Long line of obsidian on the axises
    • Large Brick Pyramids were generated in the world, for testing purposes.

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